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    Ransomware Protection


    The ransomware solution that’s complete, unified — and effective

    Mimecast helps you prevent email-borne ransomware as you also protect email systems and users from downtime and data loss. Unlike vendors of standalone security or backup products, Mimecast’s cloud-based ransomware solution offers layered cyber resilience — unifying email data protection, business continuity, archiving and recovery through one platform and console.


    To protect your business against ransomware, you need to address the entire attack lifecycle

    Strengthen Prevention

    Most ransomware attacks enter via email, so you need best-in-class email security. Mimecast’s email ransomware protection relies on sophisticated, multi-layered detection engines to identify threats and halt them before they execute. With central control and unsurpassed API integration, you can act fast wherever ransomware emerges. 

    Keep Running

    If a ransomware attack occurs, you need to keep your email services up and running so people stay productive throughout and after the attack. Mimecast’s cloud-based email continuity services kick in nearly instantaneously, restoring message flow without the cost or complexity of traditional solutions.

    Restore Clean Data

    Ransomware gangs demand payment because they don’t believe you can restore crucial data without them. With Mimecast Cloud Archive’s Sync and Recover capability, you get very precise point-in-time recovery options for rapidly restoring uninfected files. That changes the equation — it yields a big-time jump in resiliency. 


    Mimecast’s services deliver advanced ransomware protection

    The Mimecast solution helps organizations like yours prevent email-borne ransomware as well as protect email systems from downtime or data loss. Unlike vendors of standalone security or backup products, Mimecast tackles ransomware with a layered cyber resilience solution; bringing together data protection, business continuity, archiving, and recovery capabilities for your email from a single cloud solution.


    Apply advanced multi-layered inspection to recognize and halt email-borne ransomware infections before they start. 


    Avoid outages associated with ransomware and other malicious or inadvertent causes, and maintain user productivity with a 100% uptime SLA.


    Eliminate data loss with the industry’s best-in-class cloud archiving technology. 


    Automate rapid recovery of impacted email and attachments with precise point-in-time recovery that won’t reinfect you. 


    Use Mimecast’s robust APIs and two-way integration with third-party security systems to deter ransomware everywhere and accelerate response wherever it’s needed.


    Manage all facets of prevention, mitigation, and recovery through a single easy-to-use console. 

    How It Works

    Recovering from a ransomware attack

    Mimecast’s co-founder and CTO, Neil Murray, discusses how an organization recovers from a ransomware attack and the unique capabilities of Mimecast’s approach to continuous data protection, point-in-time recovery, continuity and prevention.


    Ransomware FAQs

    A refresher on the ransomware basics cybersecurity pros need to know.

    How does ransomware spread?

    Ransomware is often spread via phishing emails that trick recipients into opening a malicious attachment, clicking on a link that takes them to a malicious website, or revealing login credentials that cyber criminals can use to access your network and begin encrypting your files. This is why best-in-class email protection is central to ransomware prevention. Attackers may also exploit vulnerabilities in other software or systems to gain access to network resources and begin encrypting files. Strong integration and robust two-way API links with other security systems are essential to recognizing and responding to these attacks more rapidly, so you can root them out before they create extensive damage.

    What are the elements of a ransomware prevention solution?

    Ransomware prevention refers to a spectrum of products, services and best practices that must work together to prevent ransomware attacks from successfully entering an organization’s systems and encrypting its resources. The most effective ransomware protection is multi-layered, encompassing advanced email protection, cloud archiving, flexible point-in-time recovery, continuity solutions that provide continuous access to email during and after attacks, DNS authentication services such as DMARC, security awareness and endpoint protection.

    How does security awareness training help prevent ransomware?

    Human error often contributes significantly to successful ransomware attacks. Ransomware is often spread through phishing emails that trick users into taking an action that launches the ransomware. Effective security awareness training helps employees recognize signs of a phishing attack and know what to do when they encounter risky email or websites.
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