Secure Your Microsoft 365 Environment

    The essential security layer for Microsoft 365 


    Your must-have companion for Microsoft 365 — securing your environment, people and investment

    Microsoft 365 apps such as Outlook, Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive are now critical to business operations, just as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint once set the standard for indispensable work tools. But as the world’s most ubiquitous collaboration and productivity platform, the Microsoft 365 ecosystem is a magnet for malicious actors. Whether hardening Microsoft 365’s native security, augmenting Microsoft Defender’s capabilities or adding a defense-in-depth layer that goes beyond the E3 and E5 perimeter, Mimecast's AI-driven email security and cyber resilience solutions are the must-have companion for organizations of all sizes.


    Microsoft 365 protection challenges

    Targeted email attacks. Data loss. Email downtime. Human error. These are all realities IT and security teams face. The unfortunate reality is that relying on Microsoft 365 security alone can leave you exposed. How long can you remain productive without email? How confident are you that employees can spot and avoid threats? What will the consequences be if something gets through? Mimecast plus Microsoft 365 gives you unparalleled protection, protecting against highly sophisticated threats, data loss, email downtime, and more.


    The Mimecast Solution

    Mimecast provides business-critical supplemental security to Microsoft 365, delivering a layer of protection that defends against highly sophisticated attacks while also providing essential complementary capabilities. Trusted by over 30K Microsoft customers, our fully integrated, 100% cloud-native suite provides:


    AI-powered email security to provide the strongest possible protection for the top attack vector, defending against sophisticated threats such as phishing and zero-day attacks.


    Resilience in the face of Microsoft 365 outages, with Outlook mail continuity that keeps employees productive and email flowing no matter what.


    Industry-leading archiving with secure data retention, rapid e-discovery, case review, legal hold, and supervision – ensuring data protection and simplifying compliance.


    Brand monitoring and authentication that identifies — and stops — impersonation attacks that are otherwise difficult or impossible to detect.


    Award-winning integrated awareness training – to reduce the risk of human error and make employees part of your security fabric.


    Enterprise-grade security for Microsoft, with Mimecast’s Open API and seamless integration with Microsoft 365 and an extended security ecosystem.

    How It Works

    The must-have email security layer for Microsoft 365

    How do you navigate a threat landscape that leaves little margin for error? With the help of AI-powered Email Security from Mimecast, the must-have email security & cyber resilience companion for Microsoft 365.

    Get better protection with a layered security approach by adding Mimecast to work independently or in tandem with security offerings such as MS Defender, E3 or E5 bundles. You get best-in-class productivity with Microsoft 365 and best-in-class email security with Mimecast, allowing your organization to reap the benefits of Microsoft without increasing risk.

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    Serious about email security & resilience? Mimecast + Microsoft 365 = Unparalleled protection

    Mimecast's 100% cloud-based, AI-powered email security & cyber resilience platform delivers best-in-class protection for the top attack vector, while also providing a comprehensive set of fully integrated, easy-to-manage complementary solutions. The result? Reduced risk, complexity, and cost.

    Email Security With Targeted Threat Protection

    Mimecast Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection provides industry-leading security for the top attack vector, protecting against phishing, ransomware, BEC, payment fraud, impersonation, and insider risk.


    Mailbox Continuity

    Mimecast Mailbox Continuity provides uninterrupted access to live and archived email using Outlook for Windows, the web, and mobile applications, allowing employees to keep sending and receiving email in the event of planned or unplanned downtime.


    Cloud Archive

    Mimecast Cloud Archive sets the industry standard for enterprise information archiving and governance. An independent, 100% cloud-based archive, unlocks the power of your information and simplifies data management and discovery, all while also helping you meet complex compliance requirements.


    Brand Exploit Protect

    Mimecast Brand Exploit Protect defends against digital brand impersonation by combining machine learning with quadrillions of targeted scans to identify attacks at an early stage, often blocking them before they go live. When active attacks are discovered, they can be remediated quickly to minimize the damage to your customers and brand reputation.

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