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    Web Security


    Essential cloud web security to keep you protected

    Protect your employees against malicious and inappropriate websites with a 100% cloud-based service that integrates with Mimecast Email Security for consistent cyber protection.

    Mimecast delivers the advanced protection you need to keep the web safe while reducing cost and complexity.


    Enterprise web security that helps you solve your key challenges

    The web is the top distraction for employees at work and the second-most common vector for cyberattacks. It’s not hard to see why web visibility and security are essential.

    Mimecast delivers the advanced protection you need to keep the web safe while reducing cost and complexity.

    Combine Mimecast email and web security services to deliver a single, fully integrated solution designed to increase visibility, simplify administration and strengthen your online security posture. Mimecast Web Security is the perfect complement to Mimecast’s email security strategy, delivering pervasive protection at, inside and beyond the email perimeter.


    Mimecast helps you solve your key web security challenges

    Fast to configure and simple to manage, Mimecast cloud-based web security works at the DNS level to stop malware and inappropriate web use in its tracks. Our solution empowers your organization to:


    Protect against malicious websites


    Enforce acceptable web use


    Mitigate shadow IT risks caused by uncontrolled cloud app use


    Leverage visibility and reporting dashboard


    Secure remote and mobile devices


    Get protected fast with wizard-based policy configuration

    How It Works

    Mimecast Web Security, explained.

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    Security Awareness Training

    Mimecast Security Awareness Training makes employees an active part of your business' defense, addressing serious topics such as ransomware with funny, engaging, and award-winning content. Consistent content delivery, real-life phish testing, user risk scoring, and targeted end-user support are proven to reduce the risk of human error.


    Phishing Tests

    Mimecast SAFE Phish quickly and easily converts real-life, de-weaponized phishing attacks into simulations in real-time. SAFE Phish works in concert with Mimecast Email Security to keep employees safe by blocking malicious content, then allowing them to learn from it - giving the right test at the right time.


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    Leveraging 50+ detection engines and numerous third-party thread feeds, Mimecast’s cloud-based Secure Email Gateway defends against sophisticated email-based attacks such as ransomware, BEC, zero day, and phishing.


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    Mimecast Cloud Archive sets the industry standard for enterprise information archiving and governance. An independent, 100% cloud-based archive, unlocks the power of your information and simplifies data management and discovery, all while also helping you meet complex compliance requirements.

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