Protect Your Brand

    Brand Exploit Protect


    Safeguard your brand from cybercriminals

    Brand impersonation attacks that compromise customers and partners are devastating. They destroy trust, are extremely difficult to uncover, and even harder to shut down. And unfortunately, they’re all too easy for criminals to create.

    Find and neutralize phishing attacks targeting your brand, customers, and supply chain

    This solution enables you to:


    Protect customers, partners, and your own employees from phishing scams using domains similar to your own.


    Identify and protect against attacks where cybercriminals have cloned your website, irrespective of the hosting domain.


    Block and take down malicious domains impersonating your organization


    Limit the use of stolen data

    Challenges & Solutions

    Brands are valuable – They’re also bait

    Even unsophisticated attackers can register domains that look like yours and use your brand as bait to target the people who trust it. They’ll even clone your website to steal credentials, personal information, and money.

    The problem is that these activities happen “in the wild”, or beyond your perimeter, which is Zone 3 of Mimecast’s Email Security 3.0 strategy and an essential component in implementing a pervasive security approach. Gateway defenses help protect your own organization, but they can’t protect your customers and partners. DMARC can help, but it is only effective against domains you own.

    It’s no longer enough to protect just what’s yours. It’s time to move from defense to offense.

    But how do you stop phishing threats you can’t see?

    Block brand attacks before they can launch and stop live attacks in their tracks with Mimecast Brand Exploit Protect. This innovative service uses a combination of machine learning and quadrillions of targeted scans to identify even unknown attack patterns at an early stage.

    When active attacks are discovered, they can be remediated quickly to minimize damage.

    How It Works

    Brand Exploit Protect integrates with Mimecast’s email and web security services to further strengthen your defenses.

    You can quickly and easily block any potentially malicious domains and URLs in the Mimecast system with the click of a button, preventing phishing emails being clicked on and dangerous links being clicked by your employees.
    Solution Brief

    End-to-end phishing, impersonation and brand exploit protection

    Combined with full DMARC visibility, reporting, and enforcement, Mimecast helps you protect against the malicious use of your owned domains as well as spoofed domains you don’t own, covering both external targets as well as your own organization and employees.

    That’s end-to-end email and brand exploit protection from a single, trusted leader in the market.

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