Mimecast and Microsoft 365


    Your must-have email security & cyber resilience companion for Microsoft 365

    Cloud business platforms like Microsoft 365 have become essential for doing business; but in an environment that’s constantly evolving, keeping them secure and resilient has never been more challenging. How do you keep your Microsoft 365 investment secure and resilient in a threat landscape that leaves no margin for error? With Mimecast – the AI-powered, must-have email security & cyber resilience layer for Microsoft 365. 


    Need to secure your Microsoft 365 investment? Layer up.

    Microsoft 365 is the most widely adopted business platform in the world, which means it’s also highly targeted. Keeping it secure is no easy task:

    • Email remains the entry point for more than 90% of attacks
    • The threat landscape is constantly evolving
    • Employees have become more vulnerable
    • The risk of business disruption persists
    • And complexity – threats, systems, business needs – is multiplying

    The unfortunate reality is that it only takes one – one missed threat, one simple mistake, one outage – to do serious damage to your business. Get essential added protection for your most critical business tool with AI-powered email security and cyber resilience from Mimecast.


    Email is the number one attack vector. It deserves more.

    When it comes to Microsoft 365, increased productivity shouldn’t come at the cost of increased risk. A layered approach is essential. Mimecast and Microsoft 365 together offer unparalleled protection in a world that demands nothing less.


    AI-powered Email Security – to defend against the most sophisticated attacks, from phishing and ransomware to zero day threats


    100% email uptime – with continuity capabilities that keep email flowing no matter what


    Data retention with a 7x Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader – to ensure email data is protected, compliant, and easily discoverable


    Award-winning awareness training – to reduce the risk of human error and make employees part of your security fabric


    Simplified integration with other security systems – with an open API that makes using threat intelligence from the top attack vector to accelerate detection and response fast and easy

    How It Works 

    Best-in-class email security and resilience for Microsoft 365

    Mimecast’s AI-powered email security solution uses a multi-layered inspection process to defend against even the most targeted and sophisticated attacks. Fully cloud-based, protections are continuously updated based on advanced threat intelligence and the constantly evolving threat landscape. This advanced level of threat detection is an essential component on overall Microsoft 365 security and cyber resilience strategy.

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    Serious about email security & resilience? Mimecast + Microsoft 365 = Unparalleled protection

    Mimecast's 100% cloud-based, AI-powered email security & cyber resilience platform delivers best-in-class protection for the top attack vector, while also providing a comprehensive set of full integrated, easy-to-manage complementary solutions. The result? Reduced risk, complexity, and cost.

    Email Security With Targeted Threat Protection

    Mimecast Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection provides industry-leading security for the top attack vector, protecting against phishing, ransomware, BEC, payment fraud, impersonation, and insider risk.


    Security Awareness Training

    Mimecast Security Awareness Training makes employees an active part of your business' defense, addressing serious topics such as ransomware with funny, engaging, and award-winning content. Consistent content delivery, real-life phish testing, user risk scoring, and targeted end-user support are proven to reduce the risk of human error.


    Mailbox Continuity

    Mimecast Mailbox Continuity provides uninterrupted access to live and archived email using Outlook for Windows, the web, and mobile applications, allowing employees to keep sending and receiving email in the event of planned or unplanned downtime.


    Sync & Recover

    Mimecast Sync & Recover provides integrated archiving and data recovery capabilities, delivering fast and easy email inbox restoration. Organizations can manage compliance archiving and data resilience from a single, easily searched Administration Console, without the need for dedicated backup and recovery solutions.

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